Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stop One Moment, Please

By Christina Carson

In response to a call for aid by friend and fellow author, Pat Zick, for a man she admires greatly, Rags Daniels, please take a moment to see if you can help. He’s a fellow author, and he’s had a stroke. To read the entire blog written by Kate Russell-Cole wrote, click here.    But what I’ve included below is one of the better book summaries I’ve read in a long time, and one way we could help is to purchase one of his books. Not only would that help him with the frightful expenses of our medical system, but what could perk up a writer more, in a difficult time, than seeing his books selling. Consider it, and thank you for doing so.

Book Summary for Lallapaloosa by Rags Daniels:

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Lallapaloosa: October 8, 1967, ‘Che’ Ernesto Guevara was executed… Or so the world believed. Inspired by a true sequence of events, ’Lallapaloosa’ tells in flashback the story leading up to the betrayal and ‘capture’ of the worlds most famous revolutionary and master of disguise. Original, fast moving, and atmospheric to the last whiff of a Partagas cigar, it begins thirty years after the event with a series of sinister murders against a fraternity of retired mercenaries who, having fought alongside ‘Che’ in the Congo, grouped for one last mission in the jungles of Bolivia. For thirty years, Richard Strang, thought he shared the world’s best kept secret with no one. Then one summer evening, the tap of a blind man’s cane, and a nose for the toasted Cuban leaf, changed all that.

One of his five star reviews: …Rags Daniels has written a marvelous compelling thriller that hooks you from the first page. His excellent characterization, evocative description and realistic dialogue really bring the characters to life with a real flavor of past and present which are seamlessly woven together. You can feel the heat and smell the smoke of revolution. Double agents double crossing each other and their respective employers this is the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. It takes a awhile to get your breath back when you click onto the last page but it's worth every second and cent of your time and money.

I just bought my copy. Hope you consider one as well. 
Many thanks.



  1. How wonderful of you to alert us to this, and how we can help. I am off to get a copy too. Thanks Christina!

  2. That's important to share. I've already started, shall continue! He's a talented writer...Hope he gets well soon!

  3. I just downloaded it. I've got a couple others I'm reading so, from the description, I probably better not start it until I finish those. Praying for his recovery.

  4. Oh you wonderful souls. I wish you could see the smile on my face as I sit here and bathe in your kindness. Thank you from me and Rags.