Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Conversation - The Finest Art of All

By Christina Carson

The world, the cosmos is always in conversation. It is the ultimate art-form, a form of expression that speaks to the many or the few. For those who talk, words written or spoken form the medium of conversation. For those who don’t talk, the flux and flow of energy is the conversation they entertain. Eyes speak. Paints, charcoal, pastels speak. Movement speaks. And when Jesus instructed us to pray unceasingly, he knew the Silence speaks. To pray meant to listen, to connect, to open to the ultimate conversation.
Sometimes we read a poem and the world bursts apart. Other times we watch a dancer and feel our bodies magnetically aping theirs. In this moment, enter the conversation these three guitarists are having through their fingers and their instruments. Feel what they are telling you about life.

In the words of Lao Tzu: Attain the highest openness. He meant be available for the real conversations in life, where the Source of it All is speaking through whomever or whatever of Light, Truth and Love.

With thanks for the utube reference from dear friend, Ralph Miller, who shares his marvelous finds with others.

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