Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interconnectedness is the Law of the Cosmos, Isn’t It

I’m not enamored with rubbing my face or anyone else’s in our less than thoughtful acts as human beings. This video, however, redeemed itself for me from its otherwise frightful message in this way. It demonstrates simply and graphically the consequences of our misunderstanding about how our world, and the universe in which it exists, operates. Every act of every human being upon this planet creates effect, the majority of which is usually unknown to us unless we have something like this video to capture even part of it. But here’s the enigma. On the one hand, as we see it, we are but dust motes in an infinite eye, yet on the other hand, every event of note through our history tracks back to the powerful endeavor of single individuals. How can we live effectively in a world in which we see ourselves and our acts as both inconsequential and of great consequence? What is the frame of reference that can accommodate that conundrum, the one that might allow us a view much more integrated than thinking only in terms of this or that.

I see only one myself. It’s a quantum step literally. It starts with an avid curiosity about and then a nurturing of the notion: Interconnectedness is the law – recognition that everything we do affects something or somebody somehow. It makes “the breeze off butterfly wings in Tokyo creating a typhoon for California”, a popular description of quantum effect, seem child-like up against this intricacy that can only boggle the mind of reason.

We can object to this concept of interconnectedness but then there are scenes like Midway Island, 2,000 miles from the nearest shore of any other country, to bring us back on point. And the underlying beauty as well as the ultimate irony is this:  to live from this cosmic law creates the very life that dreams are made from—whole, serene, satisfying, engaged and significant.
Rumi understood. Let him tell us:

Out beyond ideas of
wrong-doing and right-doing
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase,
each other
no longer make any sense.

We need to meet there more often.

With thanks to a dear friend, Ralph Miller, for once again exploring the net and sharing his finds with me. Much appreciated, Ralph.


  1. Fantastic video, hearbreaking. And lovely poem, thanks for sharing all this with us!

    1. Delighted I can, Claude. Thanks for stopping to read it.

  2. Oh so beautiful and sad. What courage to bring it forward. I hope the rest of us have enough courage to do something about it - starting within our own lives. Thanks Christina

    1. So do I, Beca. So do I. Appreciate your stopping to read and view.

  3. Oh my god. Sometimes I find it quite appalling how we, myself included, can choose to be so ignorant of responsibility and consequence, and then continue to live in that space of intentional denial for the whole of our lives. This video bothers me so much. I can find something else to put water in to avoid bottle caps ending up in the bellies of birds, and if I needed a little motivation to be aware of the consequences of my actions, boy have I ever found it. Wow. I like the point of your blog, and I love that poem, but man, our ignorance is so cruel.

    1. Yes, with slay with ignorance. It is a rusty, dull blade, but it still reeks havoc. There is no choice for a sensitive human being but choosing to do their very best to to accept the reality that we are responsible for our choices and their effects.