When I go to a site, the first place I head is to the About Page. I am endlessly curious about people: who they see themselves to be, what they value and what about themselves they choose to share with others. To that end, let me share a bit with you.

I’ve engaged in a seeming endless number of different jobs/careers, enough to appear either a fine eclectic woman or simply a no account. From college teacher to shepherdess, salesperson to corporate consultant, stock broker to construction laborer, to writer, there I was and am. 

I was curious, at first about the world. Only later did I realize what I was truly after was an ever increasing awareness of what we human beings are and why we are here – what I call human cosmology. That endeavor then became my life and all else was but an arena or workshop in which to discover more.

Imagine my chagrin when I finally moved far enough in understanding to realize there was nothing that I needed to find, only a whole lot of misunderstanding that needed to be abandoned.

When I write, I do so to entertain and engage a reader, but also to share what I’ve learned along the way. Novels of substance and story – that’s my gig.


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